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10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2018

Compare, leia e avalie as empresas de hospedagem de site. A 000webhost é um fornecedor de hospedagem de sites gratuita, e este é um diretório de empresas de hospedagem que você deve considerar ou evitar! Webmasters & usuários do serviço podem comparar ou escrever avaliações sobre quase todas as empresas de hospedagem pagas e gratuitas. Nosso diretório de avaliações é um dos maiores na internet, com comentários de usuários 100% verdadeiros.

Avaliação da empresa por Farid em 2018/03/07 às 10:37
Hello. I want to know that, has your hosting 2 NS and 2 IP address each one?
Avaliação da empresa por Parameshi Vyas em 2018/03/02 às 13:57
If you are in search of a host which is really reliable, cheap, amazing and nevertheless with extraordinary customer care support, I think hostinger is something worth investing your time, energy and resources upon. It's services have been proved nothing less than extraordinary. All the websites are always live, it's speed is optimum and it works just better than best than any of the other hosts I was associated with. I'm really pleased by the services they render - and I would surely recommend it to you if you are seeking for nothing less than "excellence".
Avaliação da empresa por ashok kumar em 2018/03/01 às 18:43
hostinger has been providing the good services with cheap cost and with fast customer response.this made me host my sites on hostinger.
i used a trial for 3 months and then i started using shared hosting in hostinger .As i have been customer since an year
i am using vps server and using current plan as business shared hosting to develop my website my server works damn superb.
it has a simple cpanel which made me quite comfortable when compared to other hosting providers such as godaddy,awardspace,appohosting.
I support begginers and even professions to use hostinger. they can find a way towards their websites through hostinger.
Avaliação da empresa por Lerke Schultz em 2018/03/09 às 08:40
They are my good partner, and am sure will be your good partner.
Glowhost support was also very helpful in the few issues I had. I have learned much more from this company within the past week from their SUPPORT AND KNOWLEDGE databases. Their features have certainly gotten better and they now offer a lot more for the same price.
Avaliação da empresa por Meenu em 2018/03/08 às 08:19
Worst service provider ever with poor level of support, I doubt, if they even know the meaning of support. They had phpmyadmin issue since last 6-7 months, which they are still unable to resolve. My renewal was due & they increase the renewal amount 3 times the actual renewal without giving any notice or intimation.

I strongly suggest that one should not take any kind of hosting from SILICON HOUSE.

Avaliação da empresa por Phira em 2018/03/07 às 19:11
กลับมาเปิดเถอะครับ ผมเชื่อว่าคงต้องมีหลายคนมากที่เสียใจกับสิ่งที่เกิดขึ้นด้วยเหตุการ์ณนี้
Avaliação da empresa por Dries Schuitema em 2018/03/07 às 12:32
I like Gigapros uptime and also useful tools. The control panel seemed a little daunting and techie at first, but it's fine when you get used to it. Their USA servers is really fast - great plus for their team.
Steady so, dudes! Thanks!
Avaliação da empresa por Tatjana em 2018/03/07 às 11:00
I have five websites with and I would say that their service is the best service I have ever received from any company. The live chat is great and the response time when you submit tickets are remarkable. Their Control Panel is awesome and really user friendly as well. Keep up the good work.
Avaliação da empresa por Farid em 2018/03/07 às 10:37
Hello. I want to know that, has your hosting 2 NS and 2 IP address each one?
Avaliação da empresa por RAMESH NOOKAREDDY em 2018/03/07 às 05:29
It's a waste of time and money .they the huge amount for training.its won't show good companies for working.they do all false promises.
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